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Update 0.0.7
Forest Siege 0.0.7 is another polish-oriented update, making UI more universally standard and easier to use. Developing upon effects and optimizations, and also...
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Update 0.0.6
Forest Siege 0.0.6 is a revamp for the game's vision. The game's concept was to be a survival theme with mechanics and visuals that give the player a mysterious...
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Update 0.0.5
This is a quick update following player-reported bugs and requests, a couple extra bugs and quality-of-life improvements have been done. Including a new type of...
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Forest Siege returns! Update 0.0.4
Early 2018, a failed partnership with the XP cryptocurrency caused Forest Siege development to suddenly halt. Updates and progress stopped, the playerbase had s...
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Merry Christmas! 0.0.3c is here!
This update is mostly a christmas re-skin! I've added snowball physics, basic snow (yes the snow looks terrible, i'm not a game-effects artist by any means, i t...
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0.0.3b Patch
This small patch has a couple small but useful features inside. With multiplayer back on the road, using the same control scheme as solo, a billion online conne...
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The game has officially released!
We've made it! Three crypto teams have joined in with us! I hope the release goes well and bugs are to a minimum. I've worked hard on making the game as nice to...
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Forest Siege 0.0.3a releasing next week!
Forest Siege 0.0.3a is packed full of new features, including the adoption of crypto-currency rewards, weaponry system, new item physics, re-worked graphics, up...
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