Update 0.0.7

Forest Siege 0.0.7 is another polish-oriented update, making UI more universally standard and easier to use. Developing upon effects and optimizations, and also adding a couple new features like the new Campfire Menu, mushrooms and a new resting mode in replacement of the old sleeping system.


1. Smart UI Management System - A custom UI manager has been built for the game, this means Menus and UI-related functions in the game will all function extremely similar to each other, setting a standard for the game's functional UI.
2. New Campfire Functionality - The Campfire has had a functional revamp. All actions can now be done within the Campfire's menu, the menu has a 'Fuel and Heat' section and a 'Cooked Food' section, the Fuel section displays information about the fuel capacity of the fire, it's current fuel levels and allows you to fuel the fire with your sticks. A stick counter is included within the Campfire menu.
3. Mushrooms - White Edible Agaricus, these mushrooms are found within the dense forest and also in rocky / cave areas. They each serve 10% hunger and 5% water regen.
4. Added "Burn Max" button to the Campfire - You can now bulk-fuel the fire in one click, instead of having to click "Burn 1 Stick" multiple times.
5. Added "Skycam" screen during sleep - Once sleeping, the game will disable all UI and switch to the skycam, you can use this camera to tell the time of day, and wake up at a time best for you. Or simply to gaze at the peaceful sky!


1. Fixed some UI menus from (un)locking the mouse due to unusual button combos.
2. Removed auto-close on the Crafting Book for small objects. E.G: Stick bundles or Planks. Large objects will still auto-close the book.
3. Tuned SiegePoints menu to suit laptops slightly better.
4. Carpet-fixed all pickup issues related to renderer mis-configurations.
5. Changed Log Cutter chopping controls from "E" to Left Click, also added hit sound effects.
6. Wolf Meat is no longer a "Meat Pill", the meat has been flattened and now resembles more of a "Slab".
7. Adjusted bat AI to avoid pushing the player and avoid getting irritably close.
8. Empty messages within the chat have been fixed, and commas will no longer break messages.
9. Fixed some minor sun graphical issues.
10. Clicking the mouse during Solo loading won't cause a loading loop anymore.

Have fun! Please report any issues, suggestions or complaints within our community forum: https://forestsiegedev.itch.io/forestsiege/community


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Dec 19, 2018

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