Update 0.0.5

This is a quick update following player-reported bugs and requests, a couple extra bugs and quality-of-life improvements have been done. Including a new type of UI to help guide players to the controls of the game.

0.0.5 Changelog


  1. New UI elements - There is now a UI for interactive in-game control help, the game will now prompt you if you're close enough to an item that can be used/consumed/operated. E.G: Moving close to the fire will display "Hit 'E' to use campfire".


  1. The campfire is now much easier to use, there was some collider issues happening causing it to be difficult to use.
  2. Meat can no longer be added to the fire and cooked unless it is sufficiently lit.
  3. All bush radii have been reduced, as the effect of moving into them slows you down. They visually slowed down your pace without being inside them, this is now more realistic, and you must be in visual contact with a bush before it can be harvested or before it changes your movement speed.
  4. Water collectors are easier to use, and you no longer have to have a specific thirst threshold before it can be used.
  5. The Tier 1 Crafting station is now easier to use, collider issues have been reduced greatly.
  6. A backend distance measuring system has been implemented, to prevent the user from operating tools/items further than arm's reach. Some items now have a real distance limitation.


Forest Siege 0.0.5 Installer.exe 345 MB
Nov 04, 2018

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