Update 0.0.6

Forest Siege 0.0.6 is a revamp for the game's vision. The game's concept was to be a survival theme with mechanics and visuals that give the player a mysterious and somewhat scary feeling.

The game has lacked this for many reasons, this update addresses the visuals to tune into the original concept.


1. New tree model - Designed to make the forests within the game feel much larger than previously, adding to the intended ambience of the game.
2. New bush model - Tall and thin bushes, these impair distant vision but are frail. These bushes have half the strength of a regular bush but contain the same amount of sticks. Making them valuable for wood resources.
3. Two new grass types - Alongside the old grass textures; a new, larger and darker grass has been implemented. This wild grass takes up much of the floor space within the forest areas of the game and slow down the overall exploration and grinding phases of the game.
4. Wind effects - All new nature objects are affected by wind within the game. Trees, grass, bushes and other foliage move smoothly and naturally.
5. *Partial* VR support - Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch controls have been successfully tested within the Unity Editor, and roughly 25% of the game has been ported to VR. Items / Weapons, physics, crafting and locomotion is functional. However, compiled builds of the game encounter many different issues with OpenVR and the Oculus SDK. So a VR release is being temporarily delayed until said issues have been investigated and resolved.
6. Destruction effects - Hitting and/or destroying some objects in the game now produces a visual "burst" effect with particles.


1. Unity Engine Upgrade - Forest Siege was last running on Unity 5.5.1f1. The game has been ported to Unity 2017.3.0, unlocking better Post Processing, VR support, further asset store compatibility, build improvements and thousands of minor beneficial changes.
2. The Campfire is now easier to use, colliders have been adjusted to make fuelling / using the Campfire easier, as some angles caused difficulty using it.
3. Object colliders have been slightly widened again, to make picking them up easier.
4. The Tier 1 crafting station UI will no longer freeze when trying to switch to a page which doesn't yet exist. The "Next Page" button hides itself if another page doesn't exist.
5. Main Menu UI has been tuned to feel more smooth, some buttons had different reaction times to others, this felt very unnatural.
6. The Main Menu will not ask "Continue last save?" if a player does not have a save file, E.G. New players, or players that have not saved progress.
7. Many minor Main Menu tweaks to the environment, lighting, optimizations, fog, trees and plants.
8. Loading Screen's particle effects have been removed, a new (better) loading screen effect will be thought of in the future.
9. Tweaked player movement speeds in all scenarios, bushes no longer drastically slow down the player when walking or running, crouching is a heavy cost of speed but doubles your stealth against enemies.
10. New splash image.
11. Occlusion Culling has been baked and enabled for Solo Mode. This optimization has a substantial effect on both CPU and GPU performance. Increasing the average FPS by 10+ extra frames per-second.
12. Halved Saturation for Solo Mode post-processing.
13. Halved Ambient Occlusion radius and doubled it's intensity, this reduces the blur within object-dense areas like forests or the insides of a building / cave.

Have fun! Please report any issues, suggestions or complaints within our community forum: https://forestsiegedev.itch.io/forestsiege/community


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Dec 07, 2018

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